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About Us:

CMR Electric, Inc. of Columbus Indiana is one of the only independent electric companies staffed and owned by a woman electrician. electrician-picAs one of few professional women electricians, Christine Rossittis has paid her dues in a primarily male dominated occupation.

Prior to her electrical apprenticeship, Christine worked as a drafting architect, participating in several residential and commercial project developments in Carmel, Greenwood and Indianapolis. Her interest in electrical work inspired her to begin training as an apprentice electrician.

She received her Journeyman’s Card after four years of training and apprenticeship with qualified electricians in Indianapolis. She became knowledgeable about codes and regulations required by the state and in local counties. She was a successful supervisor for many large commercial construction jobs in Indiana, learning the responsibilities necessary to handle large crews of electricians and subcontractors while getting the job done.

Christine has a reputation as a knowledgeable independent electrical contractor with sixteen years of experience and professional knowledge in the field of electrical power distribution. Christine still supervises all jobs in her company and requires all employees to be professionally trained. Her competitors and her clients recognize this dedication to quality and service as the key to her success.

Our staff is always dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each client. A free consult allows a review of the financial and service needs. Installing new lighting or parts for repairs can be expensive. If we can suggest a way to reuse, recycle, or repair instead of replace an entire light fixture or part, then we will share this knowledge with the client. In this way the client can save money and still meet their lighting needs, and CMR gains the trust of a valued customer. Our owner and head electrician, Christine is a wife, a mother, and a small business owner, and she understands the importance of financial responsibility in meeting all these roles successfully.

Many of Christine’s residential clients are women. Christine provides those clients an added peace of mind to have a woman electrician come to their home to repair or install electrical service. After she receives the call and sets up the client appointment, she will arrive at the home or business on time. After discussing the customer’s needs or concerns, Christine completes a thorough examination of the problem. She will take the time to show the client the source of the problem, explain the solution options, and she will explain important safety facts noted in the client’s home. If time allows, she will begin the work or find a time convenient for the client’s schedule to return and complete the work. A written quote will be offered and payment arrangements will be discussed prior to service.

It is with this dedication to serve each client respectfully that CMR Electric, Inc. is being given high marks in customer satisfaction through positive testimonials.

One of the fastest growing Electrical Services in Indiana, CMR Electric, Inc. is the right choice for all residential and commercial electric service needs.

Our Promises:

  • Other than new light, you’ll never know we were there.
  • Quality products will be used for every job.
  • Guarantee of service. If the job is not done to your satisfaction, call the service provider immediately!
  • Dependable and Reliable Service Calls.
  • Options for cost savings on repairs given when available.
  • Providing free information to every client about electrical safety.


Electrical work is sometimes a costly but necessary investment in the safety of a home or business. With this investment in mind, CMR Electric, Inc. provides the best quality with pricing equal to or better than our competitors. We don’t charge the client “hidden” service fees. All prices for service, parts, and equipment is listed clearly on your invoicing. Quotes are always thorough but do not include all costs of parts encountered during repairs. Therefore, the client is kept aware during repairs of any extra costs that develop before the job is done.

Each electrical job is unique; therefore, it is not possible to give an exact amount of cost without inspection of the sight, structure, or blue prints. When possible, CMR staff will offer money saving ideas to the client to lesson the financial burden of repairs.

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